Lazy Days of Summer? Not So Much

Lazy Days of Summer? Not So Much

I'm ready for some lazy days of summer. I feel like I can't waste the summer holiday though with lying around reading. We Chicagoans know that summer is brief and we will be facing six months of sub-zero temps before you know it. We try to cram in every possible fun summer activity in a six-week period of time. Also, those of us without yards can't just boot the children out the back door and tell them to come back when the sun goes down like my mom used to do. Summer activity requires parental planning, involvement and transportation.

I've written about 10 days of summer vacation and it has been anything but lazy! I purposely did not sign up Aislin for weeks and weeks of summer camp because my summer vacation is all about not having to get up, make people get dressed, and drive them somewhere. The lack of a schedule has been nice.

Also, Aislin has two chief complaints in life (well three if you count Complaint Number One which is that I don't let her eat enough junk food). Her other two complaints are that it's not fair that Eilie gets to spend all day with me and that she doesn't ever have enough time to draw. So I thought I would indulge her with lots of time with me and lots of time to draw. The free-form drawing lasted about three days and she's sick of me already.

Kind of regretting not signing her up for weeks and weeks of summer camp now, ackshully.

I don't think I realized how much I rely upon nap time to get my stuff done. You know, stuff like writing this here blog and, oh, you know, my job. Now I have one at home who naps and one who doesn't. My job is taking a back burner to spending the day in the park or at the beach with the kids.

I guess it's true that everybody needs a little time away, a holiday, from the ones that they love....

It has come to the point that I am bribing my daughter to go to Vacation Bible School next week even though we are not at all religious. A church in our neighborhood is having Jesus Camp next week. It's in the afternoon (otherwise known as NAP TIME) and it's free. Aislin said she didn't want to go but then I told her that they have really good snacks there.

"Oh yeah? Like what?" she inquired.

I told her "Oreo Cookies."

She agreed to go.

I know I'm not going to win Mother of the Year anytime for a) bribing my daughter to go to Jesus Camp and b) lying about it. Boy is she going to be mad at God when she gets there and realizes that Jesus has failed to deliver the Oreo Cookies.


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