You Are Mom Enough

You Are Mom Enough

Everyone's talking about That Time Magazine Cover. I won't link to it here because I object to corporations making money off the insecurities of mothers. But you know the one, I'm sure.

I haven't read the article since it's not actually out in stores yet and I refuse to pay for a subscription to Time Magazine Online. When I read it, I'm sure I'll have some choice words about Attachment Parenting.

For the moment, however, I just want to address the cover.


There. Now you know.

Are you doing your best to feed your child(ren)? Whether it's breast, bottle, or straight from the village goat -- if you're keeping your child fed to the best of your ability YOU ARE MOM ENOUGH

Do your children sleep somewhere? Whether it's in a crib, in your bed, some of both, or with the village goat YOU ARE MOM ENOUGH.

I am so over the Mommy Olympics. I have made choices for my children and my family. I have made different choices for my two children. I have friends and relatives that made the opposite choice for their children. Who's to say I am right and they are wrong? I have also made plenty of mistakes. And I don't believe that there is One Right parenting philosophy that fits all children in all situations.

There is a huge industry of books, magazine and products that rely on our fears that we are not good enough moms. We swallow the advertising that tell us that if we just follow these rules, buy this book, or use this product we WILL be good enough moms and our kids will go to Harvard etc. etc. I include myself in this group. Just ask my husband how many childbirth, parenting, and child development books I have bought over the last seven years.

You don't need to buy anything to be a good enough mom!

If you are worried whether or not you are Mom Enough, You Are.

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    Apparently, no one was reading Time which is exactly why the editors published it. It was like dumping gasoline all over a simmering fire and then throwing a match on it. We all know what you get. A hell of an explosion. And we all proved we were lemmings. Meanwhile, all of the marketing executives and editors are high fiving each other backstage. I talk about the end of my role as a lemming here:

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