Not Bummer Summer Bucket List

Not Bummer Summer Bucket List

There are only SEVEN WEEKS left for school!  29 days in all.

I am that rare parent who actually looks forward to summer. I like having my kids home and not having to rush them out the door to school at 7:15am every morning.

Summer is a slow time of year for my business, so I don't have to worry about scrambling for child care. I do have 4 weeks of camp set up for my six-year-old because she does get bored at home after a while. But that leaves us several weeks of together time.

We'll be taking one trip to Texas this summer which then leaves on only a few weeks to work down my summer bucket list. This summer I want to finally get around to doing some things in the area that I keep meaning to do but never seem to get around to.


MILWAUKEE. My mom has never been to Milwaukee. I went once a few years ago for a concert and to visit the art museum but I've never been on a kid-friendly trip there. Check out this cool list of 100 Things for Kids to Do in Milwaukee.  I hear that a trip to the Jelly Belly factory is the thing to do on the way home.

STARVED ROCK. Again, I went to Starved Rock years ago (with a boyfriend in my pre-husband days) but I've never been with my family.

BRISTOL RENAISSANCE FAIR. Haven't been in years. My daughter will love the costumes, the rides, the pageantry, and the mud fights.

COUNTY FAIR/STATE FAIR. I have never been to a County Fair or a State Fair. It just wasn't a thing to do when I was growing up. Is there one around here that's a good one?

BIKE TRAILS. Aren't there supposed to be some awesome bike trails not far from Chicago? Aislin can ride a bike well enough by herself now to actually enjoy a long bike ride. We can bring a picnic lunch, see some taking recommendations!

I know there are more! What's on your summer to-do-list?

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  • I'm from Milwaukee....and we're still up there every few weeks....and I've never done the Jelly Belly tour. Please blog about it so I can learn whether it's truly worth it! :)

    The forest preserve up in the northern burbs (just west of Old Orchard is a good place to start) is a pretty easy "first try" bike route (and I've done it a few times and seen deer more than half of those times out, especially as you get further away from the city). You can ride all the way up to the Botanic Gardens if you want to.

    Wisconsin has excellent bike paths, but the ones I know of are really, really hilly and probably not appropriate (yet) for Aislin.

    I've only been to the Wisconsin State Fair, which is in Milwaukee (ish...technically it's West Allis but you'd never notice the difference). It's huge, though - not sure whether that's what you're looking for, or more of a "small town/country fair" type environment. But anyway, it's in August in Milwaukee, so if you're headed that way any way, you could knock off two items on your bucket list. :)

    Our summer "bucket list" is to do lots of city exploration by el and bus....Chinatown, for example. Also hoping for: a trip to Madison, and another weekend getaway to somewhere 3-4 hours away that might be interesting to the kids.

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