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I am going to start off with a sad story (it gets better though).

Not too long ago I was talking to another parent about some of the kids in my daughter's circle. I still can't believe she said this, to my face, but here's what she said: "I'm so glad ______ and ______ didn't come! Those two are just BAD KIDS. Did you see him on the playground the other day! I don't want my daughter playing with those two. They are JUST. SO. BAD."

Now, let me tell you something about the two children she named. The ones she thinks are evil incarnate.

They are not bad kids.

Both of them are neuro-atypical. Both of them have a much harder time with the unspoken rules of society. These two kids have a really hard time with social-emotional situations (like school, play, being around people period.) One of them is also, I think, hyperactive and impulsive and he is a handful. But he is not a bad kid.

My approach to having these kids in our lives is that we are LUCKY. My daughter, who is neuro-typical and also is completely at ease in social situations gets to learn that not everyone is exactly the same. That she needs to have empathy and compassion with all of her friends. She gets opportunities to strive to understand others and their points of view rather than trying to enforce her own (a tough lesson for a willful oldest born who happens to be a super-smart force of nature.)

We are lucky to know these kids as people. They are funny, sweet, smart, awesome HUMAN BEINGS. The boy that she mentioned is so gentle and loving to my two-year-old. He's always looking out for her and asks me where she is if I show up without her. The little girl is a wonderful artist with an eye for color and design I would KILL FOR. This other mother would know this if she bothered to get to know them as people rather than being so quick to judge them on their quirky and sometimes frustrating behavior.

What does this have to do with Professor Flummox and his compadres?

From the website:

Flummox and Friends is an offbeat, live-action comedy designed to help kids navigate the social and emotional world.

Flummox and Friends is designed to support elementary school children who experience social and emotional struggles. They may be already receiving support—inclusion, speech therapy, social skills groups—or simply fit the category of “smart but quirky” without an official diagnosis.

And because most typically-developing children experience some degree of difficulty with social rules and emotional regulation at one time or another, we believe the show has broad appeal.

With your contribution, we can produce a pilot episode that will help us attract an audience and investment for an entire series.

Get the full story and meet our whole team at www.flummoxandfriends.com

A comedy for the quirky kids

Flummox and Friends is for those kids who are have social-emotional challenges. It's also for those kids who know them!

This project is SO IMPORTANT. But like all great ideas, they need money to flourish. Not a huge amount, just a medium amount. Every little bit helps. And if you can't contribute money -- watch the video and share it with your friends.

Many thanks from Flummox and Friends!

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