The 3six5 Chicago

The 3six5 Chicago

I was so thrilled to be part of the 3six5 Chicago Project. This is a blogger project which takes 365 days and offers up 365 points of view. Every day, a new person posts. Yesterday, August 28th, was my day.

This project is the brilliant idea of Len Kendall and Daniel Honigman. Both are geeks and lifestreamers in the city of Chicago. They also edit the larger3six5 project in which writers from all over the world post about their day. Here's how they describe the project:

Every day for 365 days, a different person will write an entry about their experiences that day. The key is that each post somehow relates to what's happening in the world that day and how it relates to them. By doing so from January 1 to December 31 2010, we will have a snapshot of the entire year, told from the perspective of 365 individual voices.

 Volunteers from across the country picked a date of their choice.

I started reading the 3six5 project when I first found about it and could not stop! I read backwards through the entire archives. Even though the stories are snapshots of tiny moments in time, they are fascinating!

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