37 Uses For Canned Artichoke Hearts

37 Uses For Canned Artichoke Hearts

One one my children (I'm not naming any names here) does NOT like vegetables. She used to, but over time has crossed vegetables off her list of acceptable foods. Not even baby carrots, which every kid in the world likes, except her. She will eat bizarre things like uncooked spaghetti, but that's a carb. And she has yet to meet a carb she didn't love.

The one vegetable she WILL eat? Artichoke hearts out of the can. I buy them frequently because I like to make my own pizza (it's so easy, trust me!) My favorite pizza to make at home is pesto, garlic, artichoke hearts and goat cheese. This was my baby's first solid food.

No, seriously. When she was about six months old, she started eyeing the food being eaten by


So easy even a toddler can make it!

the people with teeth. She wanted nothing to do with smushed up banana or pureed sweet potato. She wanted Artichoke Heart/Garlic/Goat Cheese pizza! So I handed her a slice to gum and it has been true love ever since.

I use The Pioneer Woman's pizza crust recipe, which the easiest and best I've found so far. She recommends mixing it up a few days ahead of time and letting it sit in the fridge. But I am Queen of the Last Minute and have certainly made it only a few hours ahead of time. I sprinkle some salt on the dough, spread pesto over it, and then top it with fresh garlic, cut up pieces of artichoke hearts and blobs of goat cheese. I should stop there but I have my hips to think of. They would be lonely without more cheese so I usually sprinkle grated mozzarella cheese over all that. So delicious! And it's practically the one thing every single member of my family will eat.

So I usually have a can or two hanging around.

The other day I roasted a chicken (ALSO SUPER EASY) but I hadn't thought ahead about a vegetable to serve with it. I don't buy a lot of fresh vegetables because I am the only one who reliably eats them and I can rarely make it through an entire bunch of broccoli by myself. So there was nothing in the fridge. I opened the cupboard and was inspired by the vision of CANNED ARTICHOKE HEARTS.


I sauteed them in a little olive oil and garlic and flavored with salt, paprika, and lemon juice. Eilie gobbled them up and asked for more. Aislin was put off by the visible spices but I made some for her without paprika and only a little bit of lemon juice and she was fine with that. Success!

I also use canned artichoke hearts to make hot artichoke dip. This is also a Pioneer Woman recipe and is probably the least healthy dip on the planet -- it is made with cream cheese, mayo, and I think three other equally fattening ingredients. I only make it once or twice a year.

I am looking for more artichoke heart recipes. Any suggestions? 


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  • Love this idea! With my three little ones, I have found that family pizza-making is a great way to introduce new foods like roasted red peppers, prosciutto, goat cheese, etc. Going to definitely try artichoke hearts at the next pizza night!

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