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3 Music Videos You Haven't Seen Yet

Once again at Lists That Actually Matter, it’s time for 3 Music Videos You Haven’t Seen Yet. Vote below for your favorite video; the winner gets a People with Passion interview with me, Jack M Silverstein. Polls close Thursday, April 28 at 7 p.m. To watch the videos, click on “continue reading…” below. Enjoy these... Read more »

Six Songs for a Wednesday Afternoon (Chicago Sports Edition, Part II)

"By the shores of old Lake Michigan, where the hawk wind blows so cold..."
If you missed Part I of Six Songs, Chicago Sports Edition, you can read it here. Those six were the game songs that we most associate with the ballparks and stadiums of our beloved Chicago clubs. Now we will celebrate a different six: the tribute songs that augment the team’s musical selections or became smash... Read more »