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A Valentine's Day Guide to Male Sexual Endurance

Lena Dunham <br><br> Making me appreciate pixelation since 2013. Even the girl I'm dating admitted Lena was naked too much and a self-indulgent writer in  last week's episode.  <br><br>
No one has ever said this before: Guys, you're welcome for that naked Lena Dunham pic.
Let’s face it guys, there is a lot riding on your sexual performance tonight (get it?). A lot can go wrong- if you conclude the amorous liaison too quickly, you’re a two-pump chump, but if you go on too long, she may wonder what she’s doing wrong or why you have the potency of a bi-curious octogenarian. We at... Read more »

8 Surefire Ways to get Dumped on Valentine's Day

8 Surefire Ways to get Dumped on Valentine's Day
This list pertains to those of you in a new, couple-months-old relationship and not our single or long-term relationship readers.  Because if you are single, you are going to dollar beer night and vulturing on the loneliest girl in the bar, and if you are in a long-term relationship, you’ve already survived the unrealistic roller-coaster ride... Read more »

Top 5 Movie Theaters To Bring A Date For Valentine's Day

The economy is awful, and it has sucked for everyone besides the guys that didn’t go to jail in Too Big To Fail.  However, come Valentine’s Day you can save a little cheese and bring your GF to a movie instead of her favorite Holiday Inn Express.  And, if it is the first date, movies... Read more »