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Things Your Annoying Friends can do or Appreciate on a Deeper Level Than You

<strong>Sports</strong><br><br> Like most men, I enjoy talking about sports. But everyone has that one (or more) friend who speaks with a ridiculous amount of authority on the topic. Among their go-to moves:
- When you complain about your team's poor performance, they correct you about what their problem REALLY is. <br><br>
- When a problem is identified they assert they've been saying that for a while, and imply that they clearly see things the coach doesn't and they would make a better coach. <br><br>
-Argue vigorously in un-proveable hypotheticals, usually with a historical backdrop.  Would Sandy Koufax's fastball be effective in this era? Would Wilt Chamberlain be as dominant in today's NBA? Would the Steeler's Steel Curtain defense contain Joe Montana's offense in it's heyday? Only your friend can say for sure, and it's certainly worth debating because we may one day find out once and for all. <br><br> Ok, no it's not worth debating because it's impossible to ever ascertain the answer.
Some topics bring out the most annoying traits in people. For instance, if you were on an airplane and could select which topic NOT to discuss with the stranger sitting next to you and your choices were: Monkeys, sandwiches, politics, or movies; I bet most people would opt to omit politics from the discussion. While... Read more »

20 non-spoiler clips to show your friends to convince them to start watching 'The Wire'

1. The Opening Scene: The Tale of Snot Boogie -- Some of the clips I'm showing have "spoilers" in the sense that if you told a person the clip's season, and if they were really paying attention, they'd know, "Oh, so-and-so was still alive in Season 4, so I guess he doesn't die in that scene in Season 2," etc. And in some cases there are very subtle plot points revealed, ones that your potential Wire fan friend will forget once she begins watching from the beginning. ("You know what subtle means?" "Laid back and shit.") There is, however, one scene that you can show that reveals absolutely nothing: the opening scene of the series! If they enjoy this, your job will do itself.
So, you love The Wire. Maybe you’re among the few who started watching on HBO back during the first three seasons. Maybe you caught on in 2006 for Namond, Dukie, Michael, and Randy. Maybe, like me, you tuned in right at the end, watching all of the seasons to lead into Season 5. Or maybe... Read more »