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Top 10 New Faces in Chicago Baseball

Cubs and White Sox pitchers and catchers report to spring training this week in Mesa and Glendale, Arizona. As with every new season there are plenty of new faces to get to know. Consider this your two minute primer. 

Top 5 Ways the Democrats Maintaining Control of Congress Will Affect the Sports World

With midterm elections just days away (or at least that is what all the Robocalls and old people tell me), many undecided voters are trying to decide which political party best represents their interests.  Now, I can’t tell you that, only political advertisements can.  However, I can tell you what effects it will have on... Read more »

Top 30 Villains in a Sports Movie

Because without Villains, our favorite underdog-heroes would just be annoying hustle players like Steve “Wojo” Wojciechowski:


Here at Lists That Actually Matter we know this concept has been done before and we know that you thought it sucked.  We too wish ESPN’s Page 2 was funny.  We also wish Jeff Garcia would stop calling us and demanding he looks like Debra Messing from season 2 of Will & Grace.  Anyway, this... Read more »