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Top 6 Randys of TV and Cinema

<strong>#6 Randy "The Macho Man" Savage</strong><br><br> Not only is he a randy savage, but he is also a macho man on top of that. <br><br>Mr. Savage was a household name in the early 90's and It's fair to say that every male between the ages of 25 and 36 has imitated the Macho Man in one way or another- possibly with a flying elbow, an "Oooh Oooh yee--uh", a "Snap into a Slim Jim!" or pointing to your cheek where you want the Lovely Elizabeth to kiss you. In a world filled with randy savages, he was truly a macho man.
While Randy is a pretty common name here in the States it is rarely used for TV and movie characters. It’s possible that producers avoid the name for fear it will alienate British audiences since Randy means something like “amorous” or “frisky” over there, or maybe they avoid naming anyone else Randy because they know... Read more »


Here at Lists That Actually Matter we know this concept has been done before and we know that you thought it sucked.  We too wish ESPN’s Page 2 was funny.  We also wish Jeff Garcia would stop calling us and demanding he looks like Debra Messing from season 2 of Will & Grace.  Anyway, this... Read more »