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Worst Sign I've Ever Seen in a Restaurant Restroom

Or else what? Something will result that is more disgusting than a garbage can full of used toilet paper?
“Like” us on Facebook Follow @andydisco Yesterday I was in a bathroom at a Mexican restaurant and spotted this sign. My knowledge of Spanglish couldn’t read the Spanish sign, but I read the English translation correctly. Initially, I thought it was maybe a transnational error, but I showed that photo to a native Spanish-speaker the and she... Read more »

6 Most Surprising Signs at Egyptian Protests

Academy of Dutch Political Cartoonists<br><br>Carrying that sign around there takes some gall.
Whoever this guy is, 1) He has some serious courage, and 2) He has a lot of different signs. I like to try to keep an ear to the streets, so let’s see what the people with the feet on the ground are saying.