Holy Moly that is alcoholy. Much like why I dislike Vernor's Ginger Ale- it makes me cough before it even gets to my mouth. I'm gonna let it cool a bit longer. *Time Elapsed* Ok, it's now warm, and no longer hot. It's great. It's more floral and complex. I would think sake critics must warm it to really evaluate it. You'd really want to smell this before you drink it. Highly enjoyable.<p><p><p><p> While warm may not be the most fun or freewheeling way to drink this- I can see why it is recommended. If nothing else- I'd recommend that every time you open a bottle of sake (don't forget you can help Japan simply by buying sake!) to pour a shot-glass-worth of it into a coffee mug and microwaving it for a bit and drinking it warm. Even if you drink the rest chilled, you'll know what to expect- muted though the flavors may be from the warmed test. This would be the ideal drink to drink while watching baseball playoffs. It'll warm you on an October night with the windows open; it will intrigue you and keep you tasting and evaluating it, and again, it won't make you feel lethargic at work the next day like beer or dark liquor will.
If you’re out tonight at a bar or liquor store and can’t decide between beer, wine or liquor- why not try a Japanese sake, teach yourself something new and help a devastated nation at the same time? The other night at Binny’s I bought a 750 mL bottle of of Fu-ki Sake for $12.23 after... Read more »