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The 8 Most Hated Chicago Sports People

They are unintelligent and cheap-to-a-fault. But so are a lot of other great people- like <a href="">The People of Wal-Mart.</a>
“Like” us on Facebook It has been said that opinions are like rectums- everyone has one. But I disagree with that. An opinion would never be hired to manage the White Sox. 

Top 5 Slogans for the 2011 Cubs

Last year the Ricketts family became the new owners of the Cubs, and opted to go with the slogan “Year 1”.   Or, as I like to call it, the two-handed flip-off from Tom Ricketts to Cubs fans across America.  Year 1? Hey, Cubs fans, forget ’08, ’03, ’84, and Brant Brown,  It’s “Year 1!” ... Read more »