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10 Active Athletes who Just Don't get it

<a href="http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/lists-that-actually-matter/2011/06/10-active-athletes-who-do-get-it.html">10 Athletes who do get it</a>
“Like” us on Facebook Follow @andydisco After ingesting dozens of specific opinions on why LeBron still has not yet won an NBA Finals, I think it can all be distilled into this: He just doesn’t get it.  In fairness to LeBron he promised to take his talents to South Beach, and not to Victory Park,... Read more »

9 Ugliest Garbage Pail Kids: Ugly Week Continues

2. I see the cuff link but does that shirt even have French cuffs? What an ugly fashion faux-pas! 2) Oh and there's that semen too.
Ugly week is alive and well, ugly. If you don’t remember the Garbage Pail Kids you are either younger than me and/or dignified. While “researching” this topic I found a lot of either new-age Garbage Pail Kids or PhotoShopped ones, but I think all of these are originals.