1. PAPADOSIO: Papadosio is a five piece electronic rock band cultivating conscious music that purposely defies genre classification. Their music attempts to create an inspirational environment for progress and positivity.For the past 5 years, Papadosio has been creating conscious, mind expanding dance music that purposely defies classification. In an attempt to create an inspirational environment for progressive and positive thinking, this year of 2012 will see the addition of some very exciting and integral means of expressing their artistic message. Papadosio asks that everyone reevaluate the role of music and take a less nostalgic view of what has been and a more enthusiastic view of what is and what could be. As the year unfolds Papadosio encourages fans to come with open ears, minds, and hearts, and help them wake the world.
(“Like” us on Facebook) The music line-up, experience, culture and environment of electric forest is nothing but magnificent. I wanted to point out a few truly notable artists that may be easy to miss throughout your magical weekend! The artists below are some of the best up and coming artists I’ve recently discovered in 2012.... Read more »