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5 Reasons to Hate the Phoenix Coyotes

5 Reasons to Hate the Phoenix Coyotes
If there is one thing we’ve learned from politics over the last 12 years, it’s that after your team loses, instead of reflecting and focusing on the mistakes they made, you focus all energy on hating the opponent. ┬áNow I could focus on how the Hawks don’t play with a sense of urgency until they... Read more »

5 Fates Worse Than Being Stuck in the Chicago Blizzard

5. You Could be in San Antonio and Remember the Alamo was a Successful Instance of Someone Messin' With Texas<br><br>There are two Rules in Texas: 1. Remember the Alamo, 2. Don't Mess With Texas. So let us recall what transpired at the Alamo: Mexico messed with Texas and kicked Texas' ass. Does pointing that out count as Texas Justice for Texas Logic? Heart Disease is certainly messing with Texas and having its way.
No Chicago resident wants to be snowed-in. But is confinement in our great city really worse than freedom to move around in other major US cities? for instance:You could be in Miami getting the herp from sharing a potty seat after you almost made out with tranny. Let’s explore….