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Top 100 Songs by North Coast Festival Artists - Past & Present

Top 100 Songs by North Coast Festival Artists - Past & Present
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North Coast Music Festival: Hell is Other People- The 8 Types of People that Annoy you at Concerts

Awesome Exception #4<br><br>While I was sitting on the grass watching a musician I felt a hand palming my head as though it were a friend who saw me and opted to greet me in a weird way. While wondering who it could be, I looked up and then saw an ass about 7 inches above my forehead. It was a chick I'd never seen before who palmed my head then lifted her leg and stepped over me just to be funny. She looked back and smiled. She was attractive so I was cool with it. About 3 minutes after that I saw a guy holding up a small sign about the size of a ping pong paddle. My view was obstructed, so I couldn't see what the sign said but his body language indicated he was indeed the standard bearer for a very important and dignified sign, holding it proudly for all to see. As he neared I could see it was a homemade sign that read simply, "Fuck Yeah".
A friend got me a Press Pass to the North Coast Music Festival and some VIP treatment at an afterparty. Upon thanking him for the access he told me that I could repay him by making a list on this blog that documented the worst things about the Festival. After inspecting the grounds I found... Read more »