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Five Rumored Features of the Downtown Casino

Racing, Sports and Violent Crime Wagering Book: Over/under on gunshots at the Taste this year is only 2.5. I'd fire on that. Pun intended.
Chicago is a city with a lot of problems. We’re broke, our public school system is a mess, gang violence remains prevalent, and our gas prices and taxes are the highest in the country. But nobody cares about that stuff because there could be a casino on its way to downtown. Chicago could be the... Read more »

10 Chicago Commodities I'd Trade on the CBOT if I Could

I'd Trade White Sox fans with Brazilian Soccer Fans<br><br>Just be thankful I didn't show you the image search results for, "White Sox Fans". *shivers* ewwwwuughhhh.
If Dave Chappelle can host a race draft, then I can trade Chicago people and Chicago things on the Chicago Board of Trade in an attempt to upgrade things here in the City of Broad Shoulders. ————— TRSlyder on Facebook ListsThatActuallyMatter on Facebebook @AndyDisco on Twitter

Five Not Very Well Thought Out Replacements for Oprah

Mayor Richard M. Daley: Pro: Cronyism helps Gayle get that city trucking contract she's been trying to lock up for years. Con: Viewers could tune in one day only to find their show bulldozed and sold off to a private company for the next 75 years.
Oprah is leaving. Sort of. Not really. She is going to stop doing her daily talk show in September, but now she just has an entire network devoted to her. Sure, go ahead Oprah. I wasn’t watching the Discovery Health network or anything. Just take it off the air in the middle of the night... Read more »

Mayor Daley as Art: The 11 Best Renderings of Da Mayor

Mayor Daley as Art: The 11 Best Renderings of Da Mayor
With his retirement coming in 2011, I thought now would be a good time to look back at some great artistic renderings of Mayor Daley. Who would have thought that him and Brett Favre would retire in the same year? There was at least a decade I was positive neither would ever retire.