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5 People Most Likely to Win Your NCAA March Madness Pool

5 People Most Likely to Win Your NCAA March Madness Pool
Listen.  You aren’t going to win your NCAA March Madness Pool.  Just go rip up your bracket now, and save yourself the headache.  Who is going to win?  One of these 5 F-ing people. 5.  The Organizer: I don’t care if Yahoo, ESPN, CBS, or whatever web provider we are using makes it impossible to cheat because... Read more »

Six Great Cinderella Runs to the Elite Eight (post- '94 Boston College)

If Butler's 2011 Final Four run lacked the magic of 2010, it's only because the magic of the school's first Final Four AND reaching a Final Four in their home town was impossible to top one year later. Of course, that team's Cinderella status rose even higher when they chipped past Michigan State and were inches away from a national championship. If Mack/Howard can win two more games, this bunch will be remembered even longer.
Back in 1994, the North Carolina Tar Heels were SERIOUS. The defending champs retained their best player (Eric Montross) and two other starters, and added freshmen Jerry Stackhouse, Rasheed Wallace, and Jeff McInnis. I was entering year 3 of an impressive 17 year sports fan prime, and having just been schooled by LJ&Augmon&UNLV, Laetner&Hurley&Duke, and... Read more »

Tips & Tricks For A Successful NCAA Tournament Bracket

March Madness is upon us! And that means it’s time to blow off hours at work, watch buzzer beaters and of course fill out a bracket (or three). The art of predicting the winners of the NCAA Tournament can be far easier with a little research and thought. Here are some tips we’ve found essential... Read more »