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5 Most Outrageous College Sports Scandals of All-Time

5 Most Outrageous College Sports Scandals of All-Time
Follow @dantello1 When I heard the news about Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel resigning, I was reminded of two things: (1) the greatest college sports scandals of yesteryear and (2) the obvious analogy between preachy-Tressel being a cheater and bible-thumping politicians playing “hide the Constitution” with Congressional Pages.  This list will cover the former because... Read more »

3 Jim Tressel Jokes

Also (not at all) of note: Anagrams of "Sweater vest", include, "We tears, vest" and, lamentably, "Tat severs we". The title of his biography, "More Than a Coach", can be scrambled into, "A Man Catcher Ooh",  perhaps aware of the double entendre with "catcher". Finally, an anagram of "Jim Tressel" is, "Jester Slim".
Just go ahead and read them. It’ll take 2 minutes of your time and you’ll be the only person with Jim Tressel jokes. Besides, we both know you know an OSU fan who deserves to be laughed at for their cult-like love of Ohio State.  If you know of any other Jim Tressel jokes, please... Read more »