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10 Best Baseball Seasons by a Player With a Jheri Curl

But before we get to the list, I had to present the Lifetime Achievement Award in the Medium of the Jheri Curl to Pascual Perez. The man has earned it. Thanks for you all you did, Pascual. <br><br> Ok, now on to the list.
Jheri! Jheri! Jheri! The rule for inclusion on this list is pretty easy: The player must have had a Jheri curl for most of that season as far as I could tell. To make this list a player needed to be in both his baseball prime and his plumage prime from about 1986-1989, when baseball... Read more »

10 Worst Hairstyles of All-Time

The Jheri Curl<br><br>Jheri! Jheri! Jheri! Jheri!
As promised on Friday- here are the hair styles. On Friday I listed The 10 Worst HairCUTS of All-Time, and today is the complement- the 10 Worst HairSTYLES of all-time. Each of the following weren’t just one solitary, isolated, rogue, horrid haircut but were actually sorta popular within certain demographics. It’s Monday, so let’s just... Read more »

Jheri Curl Smorgasbord: Celebrating The Top 16 Jheri Curls

Jheri Curl Smorgasbord: Celebrating The Top 16 Jheri Curls
The only rule I had for this was that it had to be a real-life jheri curl and not a fictional representation.