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Ranking the Sandwiches: A Worthwhile Pursuit

20. Reuben: A lot of people really like Reubens. Of course, a lot of people also really like the programming on Bravo. Doesn't make it right.
Like us on Facebook. Follow @dogisinmybushes If you think about it, a sandwich is really like a traditional family. Two slices of bread are the parents, who start out so strong and fresh. Then the filling comes in, that’s the kids. And they all work perfectly together, especially at first. But after they’ve been together... Read more »

The Seven People You See at the Gym

The Equipment Hog: I simply cannot believe when I see people leave their towel one place, their notebook another, and then they go do something somewhere else. Totally inconsiderate. They should be there to spot their towel and notebook at all times.
Like us on Facebook. Follow @dogisinmybushes Much like the Ancient Greeks, people today only work out so that they can gorge themselves on gyros during celebrations to honor the gods. But did you know there are also various health benefits associated with regular exercise? It came as news to me, too. And when I heard,... Read more »