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10 Chicago Commodities I'd Trade on the CBOT if I Could

I'd Trade White Sox fans with Brazilian Soccer Fans<br><br>Just be thankful I didn't show you the image search results for, "White Sox Fans". *shivers* ewwwwuughhhh.
If Dave Chappelle can host a race draft, then I can trade Chicago people and Chicago things on the Chicago Board of Trade in an attempt to upgrade things here in the City of Broad Shoulders. ————— TRSlyder on Facebook ListsThatActuallyMatter on Facebebook @AndyDisco on Twitter

6 Celebrities Most Needing a Makeover

Mark Zuckerberg<br><br>I respect that you're THAT rich and dress like a regular dude. It seems genuine and I can't help but think it says something endearing about your character. Through no fault of your own, however it alomost seems condescending somehow to dress THAT regularly when you are THAT rich. My solution? Get some big fluffy slippers- like the kinds with bunnies on the front or Santa Claus- big obnoxious slippers. Then trick those bitches out with a faberge egg on each one.
I’m not trying to be a petty celeb hater. I’m trying to help. Years ago I saw an interview with NBA Hall of Famer David Robinson and he said something very similar to, “Love isn’t always saying, ‘Oh, you’re so great!’ love is also saying, ‘Hey, you have a piece of food right there on... Read more »