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5 New Fish-Themed Dating Surprises That Actually Sound Great!

Angelfish <br><br> What man doesn't want to date an angel? When Manti Te'o thought he was being Angelfish'd, he was really being Catfish'd.
This is the addendum to my previous list: Catfish’d 6 More Fish-Named Dating Pitfalls Manti Te’o Wouldn’t Much Prefer As you can tell from the title, these dating surprises actually sound downright desirable, much unlike being Catfish’d. The astute reader will note that the following dating surprises are in ascending order of vulgarity. But the... Read more »

10 Ugliest Species of Fish: Ugly Week Continues

Stonefish <br><br>

This versatile gentleman camoflouges really well in rocky surfaces, sandy surfaces or Limbaugh family portraits.
First is a free grammar lesson:  when is it grammatically correct to use “fishes” in a sentence,  and when is “fish”  (plural)  correct? Answer: When you refer to many of the same species you use “fish”  (plural),  when there are more than one kind, they are collectively known as “fishes”.  And when you do you... Read more »