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5 Ways Google Will Make Their Driverless Car Totally Creepy

5 Ways Google Will Make Their Driverless Car Totally Creepy
Oh my God, you guys! Did you hear that Google invented a self-driving car??!! The future is finally here! This is awesome! Oh wait. It’s Google. Like all Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft and Yahoo products WE, the consumers are the product. You can bet your bottom dollar (preferably from your Google Wallet) that Google will... Read more »

5 (more) Things Hipsters' Love

5. Cats: You know, because dogs are like way too mainstream.  And most people hate cats because cats hate people, shit in a box in your house, and pretend their owners are dead unless they need to eat.  So obviously hipsters have to like them.  If you think about it, it makes perfect sense.  Like cats, hipsters also hate eye contact and only talk to their parents if they need food or money (because they are pursuing a career as a blogger, artist, musician or a sustainable ecosystem consultant).
In case you missed the original “10 Things Hipsters’ Love” post, please check it out as it will get our blog more hits and, unlike hipsters, we aren’t afraid to admit that material things like ” getting more hits” mean something to us.  Anyway, here are a few more things our overly self-aware hipster friends cannot live... Read more »

6 Websites and Their REAL Names<br><br>LookWhatYouWishYouWouldHaveFuckedInHighSchool,
You know how when you see a pudgy, middle-aged lady reading Cat Fancy magazine you think, “Why don’t they just name that magazine ‘Lonely, Pudgy, Middle-Aged Lady Monthly’? Because that is who it is really for.”? I applied the same line of logic to websites. I mean couldn’t also be called

13 Things That Prove We Live in a Minimalist Era

This plain, dull-looking page is the second most visited on the internet.
I guess the headline says it all.