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The 10 Worst Personality Traits of Donald Trump

Lately, the mainstream media (a.k.a. lamestream media if you support, well, any candidate) has been reporting on many of what they would like you to believe are Donald Trump’s most horrible positions and statements.  However, as #msm #lamestreetmedia tends to do, they have REFUSED to report the most disgusting things Trump does.  Come on #MSM,... Read more »

Ten Worries for the Class of 2011

Ten Worries for the Class of 2011
Congratulations to the Class of 2011. You are tomorrow’s doctors, lawyers, failed frozen yogurt franchisees and reality show contestants. You’ve navigated academia with aplomb. Now the world is your oyster, in that you’ll often find its inner-workings difficult to swallow. Wondering what that strange, non-venereal disease related sensation is that you just started feeling? It’s... Read more »

The 10 Worst Haircuts of All-Time

Dog the Failed Dignity Hunter<br><br>In 2007 a phone recording surfaced of Dog using racist language. Apparently, bigoted white men do NOT have the best fashion sensibilities. Dog was known for telling people to, "Go with Christ, Bro.". Dog, go with Nair.
Haircuts differ from Hairstyles in a few ways. A hairSTYLE is a type of haircut- a buzzcut, perm, jheri curl, mullet, combover, etc. I define a hairCUT as something more individualized- like Donald Trump or Dog the Bounty Hunter. Today you get the 10 Worst Haircuts of All-Time. On Monday, I will present the 10... Read more »