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The Single Bro's Guide to the American Cities

Chicago: Do you like the idea of being a Cubs fans?  You don't have to like the sport of baseball or the actual Cubs team. You just have to like telling people you are drunk, taking off your shirt, fist pounds, and Wrigleyville.
Bros of the USA, please put down your Bud Light, take off your aviators, and take a seat because this list is for you.  Whether you are moving to a new city or just going to visit, please use this as your guide to bro it out like a bro and impress some chicks in... Read more »

NFL Playoff Matchups of Annoying Fan Bases

NFL Playoff Matchups of Annoying Fan Bases
Only when you  support a team is it easy to figure out which team is in your best interest to cheer for.  But if you don’t really care about either team, your self-interest focuses from, “Which team would make me happier to see in the Super Bowl?” to, “Which team would be less annoying to... Read more »