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My Day with the Kup

My Day with the Kup
On August, 21st ChicagoNow won the Kup Cup for winning the Chicago Media League 16″ softball league. We will all get the Kup for a few days to do whatever we want with it, and here are the pictures I took after about 30 hours with it.

12 Best Parts of my Trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo

I recently walked to the Lincoln Park Zoo and here is the awesome that befell me.   1. Pleasant  Surrounding Views You see plenty of views of the Hancock Tower, but not this one very often. The gardens south of the Arboretum are gorgeously maintained. 2. Lincoln Park Residents Flushing Expired Viagra has Affected the... Read more »

5 Best Television Commercials Ever

I totally love how the frat boy describes everything in terms of awesomeness (e.g. "You are so awesome.", "This is kinda awesome."). For a solid two year stretch of my life, whenever I'd hear a woman whining up a storm I'd always think of: the whiny wife's "Ugghh! Are you KIDDING MEE?". Because honestly? I just wanna make an omelette!!!! <p><p><p>
Follow @AndyDisco I assume everyone will agree 100% with all five of my selections. On the off-chance that doesn’t happen, let me know what I missed.  ——————————————-“Like” us on Facebook.