The Correct Answer is...A:<br><br> When a person is exiting through the front of the bus. Whether you genuinely aren't paying attention or you are paying attention and were just acting oblivious because it gave you a reason to knock over a moron who shouldn't have been exiting the front of the bus, either reason is acceptable. Your pretending to nearly run into them sends the message that you assumed no one enters out the front. Ideally, that causes them to think, "That rude person acted like it should be assumed that no one ever enters out the front! Oh wait, it should! They were right and I suck. I promise to exit through the back exclusively for the rest of my life." Even if they think that, the perceived threat of being knocked over at least provides a negative stimulus to an unintelligent behavior. Rogerian Psychology told me that will make this person less likely to repeat that behavior. Every little bit that reduces that likelihood helps!
The Chicago Transit Authority is no one’s destination. Instead it is the means by which we arrive at our destination. Since no one actually wants to be on there, let’s abide by two rules: 1- Do your part to help make our ride go as quickly as possible, and, 2- Don’t be a CTA-hole. Later... Read more »