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5 New Fish-Themed Dating Surprises That Actually Sound Great!

Angelfish <br><br> What man doesn't want to date an angel? When Manti Te'o thought he was being Angelfish'd, he was really being Catfish'd.
This is the addendum to my previous list: Catfish’d 6 More Fish-Named Dating Pitfalls Manti Te’o Wouldn’t Much Prefer As you can tell from the title, these dating surprises actually sound downright desirable, much unlike being Catfish’d. The astute reader will note that the following dating surprises are in ascending order of vulgarity. But the... Read more »

Catfish'd: 6 Other Fish-Named Dating Pitfalls Manti Te'o Wouldn't Much Prefer

Seabass <br> <br> Because no one ever said, "I thought I was dating a pretty young Stanford grad, but it tuned out I was dating a violent and scruffy Dumb and Dumber character played by Cam Neely. And ya know what? I'm actually  glad I got Seabass'd!"
Did you hear Manti Te’o got Catfish’d??!!! Since I just learned what the verb “Catfish’d” means, I’m going out of my way to use it in every sentence so people know darn well that I am very familiar with the word. It’s similar to what four year-olds do when they learn a new word, but... Read more »