After our waddling out of the Peking Mandarin lunch we headed back to Kimball to get our trip started. While entering the station Caitlin and I weren't paying a ton of attention and walked through one of those exit-only turnstiles pictured above. When we got inside and saw that we were between the turnstiles and the trains I realized we snuck in through an exit-only turnstile that wasn't supposed to allow the metal arms to revolve in that direction. I looked around and no one saw. So we ducked into the waiting train and left without incident. It started in a fun way and ended similarly. The trip was a blast and I look forward to cranking out my next El Line list shortly.
My first installment of hitting every single CTA stop. This installment brings us the Brown Line. It is entirely elevated and at no point goes subterranean on us. From Kimball to Clark and Lake (first stop to last) it was about 45 minutes.