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Cheap, Easy and Punny Last-Minute Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Cheap, Easy and Punny Last-Minute Celebrity Halloween Costumes
You didn’t think you were gonna dress up for Halloween, but you just realized you have to. ¬†Unfortunately, not only is there no time to buy a legit costume, there isn’t even enough time to THINK of a cool costume idea and the last look you want to pull off is the look that says,... Read more »

Oscars 2012: A Selection of Grossly Uninformed Picks

“I’d like to tell the Academy to SCRAM!” Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I’m something of a film buff. Anything else they tell you is a damn lie (those cars were engulfed in flames when I borrowed them). So with the 84th Academy Awards just a few hours away, I thought... Read more »

Top 10 Ugliest Features of Impossibly Attractive People

Marissa Miller shows up for dinner parties empty handed: No wine. No cake. No specialty spinach dip. Nothing. Then she has the gall to ask for leftovers. And the worst part? She doesn't even eat them. She gives them away to the "homeless." What a waste.
It’s day three of Ugly Week here at Lists That Actually Matter and my fellow heartthrobs and I couldn’t be happier with the results. But as we approach the mid-point of Ugly Week (a most solemn and reflective time) we also want to be very clear that ugliness is not confined to just outward appearances.... Read more »

Top 10 Biggest Oscar Upsets of All-Time

There seems to be about one of these every three years. We dug through the archives and came up with the 10 biggest shockers by our estimation. Wonder if we’ll see another head-scratcher this Sunday?

Wait, HE is in that movie? No, I'm not Gonna see it.

Wait, HE is in that movie? No, I'm not Gonna see it.
No one ever questions Hollywood. They make so few quality films a year and no one thinks they need to step it up. I mean, Keanu Reeves gets work as an actor. Don’t tell me you’re trying to make the best film you can, and Keanu Reeves was a cog in that wheel. This List... Read more »