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Overly Botox'd Celebrities Crying: A Photo Gallery That may Make you cry....With Laughter

Admittedly, I don’t understand why people get botox, but I think it’s because they feel it makes them look more attractive.  So let’s look for signs of attractiveness in this photo gallery, and if we can’t find any, we will have to conclude that botox is stupid and counter-productive. In the meantime, please enjoy this... Read more »

10 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries/ Botox Jobs

10 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries/ Botox Jobs
I try not to insult people’s looks on this blog. But people who get these kinds of plastic surgeries deserve it. Technically, they tried to make us look bad by getting plastic surgery. Well, today we’re gonna make them look bad. Or more accurately, worse. Follow @AndyDisco on Twitter