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The Best Sportswriter Working Today: Six Great Bill Simmons Columns

This was the first Simmons story I remember reading. And as much as I gobble up his column schtick -- NBA trade value, movie quote season previews, etc. -- it's his storytelling, perspective, and gift with a column capper that keeps me coming back. Read it and weep:
Bill Simmons is the best sportswriter working today. Period. To use his own terminology, he’s a Pantheon guy, and I’m not even sure who else to include there. Like Jay-Z, he’s leading the league in at least six statistical categories: funniest, most prolific, highest quality of content, strongest passion for his subject matter, most acute... Read more »


Here at Lists That Actually Matter we know this concept has been done before and we know that you thought it sucked.  We too wish ESPN’s Page 2 was funny.  We also wish Jeff Garcia would stop calling us and demanding he looks like Debra Messing from season 2 of Will & Grace.  Anyway, this... Read more »