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The Best Sports Scenarios to Watch

The Best Sports Scenarios to Watch
What’s your favorite setup for a great sports moment? When a hockey team pulls their goalie?¬† Bottom of the 9th in a tie game? Game 7? Two free throws to tie the game with no time left? A field goal attempt with no time left? Here are mine.   ¬†Football:¬†4th and goal from the 1... Read more »

Tips & Tricks For A Successful NCAA Tournament Bracket

March Madness is upon us! And that means it’s time to blow off hours at work, watch buzzer beaters and of course fill out a bracket (or three). The art of predicting the winners of the NCAA Tournament can be far easier with a little research and thought. Here are some tips we’ve found essential... Read more »

Top Cameos in a Movie, Pre-2000

Chamberlain slept with 40k women, Arnold slept with a needle in his butt. Wilt is a true player!
All of these are pre-2000 since it seems like there are so many cameos in current films. Back in my day cameos were an art form. I know you all got other good ones, so post them in the comments section.