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10 Chicago Commodities I'd Trade on the CBOT if I Could

I'd Trade White Sox fans with Brazilian Soccer Fans<br><br>Just be thankful I didn't show you the image search results for, "White Sox Fans". *shivers* ewwwwuughhhh.
If Dave Chappelle can host a race draft, then I can trade Chicago people and Chicago things on the Chicago Board of Trade in an attempt to upgrade things here in the City of Broad Shoulders. ————— TRSlyder on Facebook ListsThatActuallyMatter on Facebebook @AndyDisco on Twitter

Top 5 Sports Rumors I'm Trying to Spread

Top 5 Sports Rumors I'm Trying to Spread
If there is no NFL season next year, the media is going to have to really work the tabloids for some news to report.  Luckily, we are one step ahead of the game.