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The 8 Ugliest U.S. Presidents

Abraham Lincoln: the Sixteenth President of the United States <br><br>
Sorry Abey Baby, but out of respect for you I gotta be honest- you're not very attractive. Well I mean, "out of respect" in the sense that you were always honest, so I will respect your example of honesty. I didn't want to imply that I was calling you ugly out of respect for you. Though, technically, I kinda was.
It’s Ugly Week at Lists That Actually Matter. Each day we will unveil a list ranking the ugliness of a topic. Being that Monday is President’s Day, today’s topic is Ugliest United States Presidents. To establish the definition of ugly in this sense I am going strictly on the superficial. Human decency didn’t factor into... Read more »

T. R. Slyder's Philanthropy of Awesome: 15 Awesome Pics

T. R. Slyder's Philanthropy of Awesome: 15 Awesome Pics
When I write I keep all of the random/hilarious/awesome pics from my articles in a folder called SlyderPics. I am going to share with you the 15 most amusing pics from the SlyderPics folder that start with the letter A. For the record, this list is going in reverse alphabetical order within the A’s however... Read more »