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Happy Anniversary, Kup League Champion ChicagoNow Dirt Angels

Curtis is good enough to lead off for the Kup winning team, and he's good enough to lead off my list with his Jordan-after-his-first-title pose. <br><br>

Game 1 vs. Chicago Reader <br><br>

My lead off song is I'm Going In by Lil Wayne and Drake. After starting off well at the plate and fielding a not bad shortstop, I liked my performance so far and my team's  chances and felt confident we were going in. <br>

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It was a exactly a week ago that we won the Kup, so I decided to chronicle our playoff run in song like I did when ChicagoNow won the 2012 AAJA Trivia Bowl. I feel like a rapper starting a mixtape with “this aint a diss track”.  For the record: this article is just for... Read more »

5 Worst Trends of Summer 2013

5 Worst Trends of Summer 2013
I can promise that you will not see Robin Thicke’s name anywhere on this list. 5. Color Runs:  I imagine a group of runners got together and had the following conversation: “I don’t think enough people know that we are running 5ks.  Simply walking around the rest of the day with our registration number pinned... Read more »

Top 4 Reasons I'm Excited to Watch Andy Murray Lose Wimbledon

Top 4 Reasons I'm Excited to Watch Andy Murray Lose Wimbledon
Let me just say this before you call me a dick: I’m a dick. Moving on… About a decade ago I started noticing that England’s Tim Henman was Britain’s best chance to win Wimbledon, and despite not being the most gifted tennis player in the workd, Henman had a a lot of fight in him... Read more »

Ten Signs You're Too Old for Lollapalooza

Concert-going, or more specifically festival concert-going, is a young man’s (or woman’s) game. And alas, I am no longer a young man. Or woman—I’ve checked. I came to this conclusion during last year’s Lollapalooza while walking next to a fellow attendee who was on the phone with his mother, trying in vain to convince her... Read more »

What Your Fireworks Say About You

America is turning 235! Yes, our great country’s birthday is just a few days away. What better way to celebrate our independence than by lighting a cardboard tube full of gunpowder on fire, just as our forefathers imagined? Synonymous with the Fourth of July, fireworks are often loud, dangerous and a lot of fun. They... Read more »