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Talk Derby To Me: TR Slyder Interviews the 2017 Kentucky Derby Horses

Talk Derby To Me: TR Slyder Interviews the 2017 Kentucky Derby Horses
        Update with my picks I am going after the exacta this year and casting a wide net to hit it. I’ll be using 10 horses in the following format. My 4 A Horses are: Irish War Cry, Gunnevera, McCracken and Hence. My 3 B Horses are: Practical Joke, J Boys Echo and... Read more »

Sports and Their Social Media Equivalences

Sports and Their Social Media Equivalences
1. Facebook = Baseball: Old people are really into it and think it is way more relevant than it really is, but nobody under 30 is even using it anymore.   2. WhatsApp = Soccer:  Everyone in the rest of the world uses it everyday, but nobody in America even knows it exists.   3. Instagram = NBA: Neither looks as good... Read more »

Profitable Bets Over Last Four Breeders' Cups

Profitable Bets Over Last Four Breeders' Cups
During each Breeders’ Cup there are two betting story lines I always monitor even though I never have the bankroll to play them: would betting $2 to win on every horse be profitable, and would betting every combination in each daily double be profitable? Here are the last four years of that data. During those... Read more »

19 Halloween Costumes That are Ebola Puns

19 Halloween Costumes That  are Ebola Puns
After reading this Mashable list of punny Halloween costumes, I was inspired to think of a few more relating to Ebola. My thinking is that everyone will recognize the ubiquitous microscopic picture of the Ebola virus (shown above), so if you can craft that out of yarn, string, ribbon a shoelace, stuffed panty hose, etc.... Read more »

7 Opinions of Mine That Usually Lead to an Argument

    1. As good as Kanye’s old music was, it’s hurtful to listen to it now because he is so weird.  He and his music went from so real and melodic to so fake and noisy. 2. Seinfeld (tv show) was good, but too whiny 3. Fantasy Football is lame. How ego-centric do you... Read more »

Things Your Annoying Friends can do or Appreciate on a Deeper Level Than You

<strong>Sports</strong><br><br> Like most men, I enjoy talking about sports. But everyone has that one (or more) friend who speaks with a ridiculous amount of authority on the topic. Among their go-to moves:
- When you complain about your team's poor performance, they correct you about what their problem REALLY is. <br><br>
- When a problem is identified they assert they've been saying that for a while, and imply that they clearly see things the coach doesn't and they would make a better coach. <br><br>
-Argue vigorously in un-proveable hypotheticals, usually with a historical backdrop.  Would Sandy Koufax's fastball be effective in this era? Would Wilt Chamberlain be as dominant in today's NBA? Would the Steeler's Steel Curtain defense contain Joe Montana's offense in it's heyday? Only your friend can say for sure, and it's certainly worth debating because we may one day find out once and for all. <br><br> Ok, no it's not worth debating because it's impossible to ever ascertain the answer.
Some topics bring out the most annoying traits in people. For instance, if you were on an airplane and could select which topic NOT to discuss with the stranger sitting next to you and your choices were: Monkeys, sandwiches, politics, or movies; I bet most people would opt to omit politics from the discussion. While... Read more »

How I Made a Crummy Job Fun For a Moment

How I Made a Crummy Job Fun For a Moment
ChicagoNow is running a weekly special on crummy jobs. Here is my tale. In high school my old man told me I needed to get a summer job to learn the value of a dollar, so I got a job caddying at the local country club. It was a pretty fancy country club with a... Read more »

My Afternoon Playing Softball on Wrigley Field

The Kup and the Starwood Preferred Guest Marquee
On Friday I was lucky enough to be able to crash a softball game at Wrigley Field. The game was hosted by Starwood Preferred Guest for members of its loyalty program who had accrued enough points to partake in this awesome event. Also on hand adding to the festive climate were Clark the Cub and... Read more »

7 Most Worthless Questions Heard on Sports News Shows

  <strong>Will They Become a Dynasty? Are They Already a Dynasty?</strong><br><br> This question is asked after every sports championship concludes and is a very effective time waster. My biggest problem (among many) with this is that no one has defined "Dynasty" and most agree that the definition of a dynasty changes between eras. <br><br> I love watching world class athletes compete in sports. What I don't care about is fat sports talk guys who wear khaki pants and black silk shirts with brown sandals, argue about where they feel one team ranks among every other team in history, dating back to 1962.  <br><br>That is VERY far removed from why most people enjoy sports
There is a lot of demand for sports news but there isn’t quite as much demand for sports talk, although it is in copious supply. Every sports fan wants to hear the latest news about their favorite teams, players, rivals, etc.  But what they don’t all need is to listen to four dudes giving their... Read more »

10 Best Baseball Seasons by a Player With a Jheri Curl

But before we get to the list, I had to present the Lifetime Achievement Award in the Medium of the Jheri Curl to Pascual Perez. The man has earned it. Thanks for you all you did, Pascual. <br><br> Ok, now on to the list.
Jheri! Jheri! Jheri! The rule for inclusion on this list is pretty easy: The player must have had a Jheri curl for most of that season as far as I could tell. To make this list a player needed to be in both his baseball prime and his plumage prime from about 1986-1989, when baseball... Read more »