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Turbo Suit + Joel Cummins Forecasted to Meld the Musical Colors of the Rainbow at NCMF '15

Turbo Suit + Joel Cummins Forecasted to Meld the Musical Colors of the Rainbow at NCMF '15
Diverse, hometown music festivals like North Coast don’t typically stack up this phat and honestly it’s a blessing.  Labor day gives us that perfect stretch back into real life, only after experiencing some of that existential new-new with the homies over the summer.  But , one challege we’ve all faced in the trying times of... Read more »

Best of Bonnaroo 2011

The stage was a hodge-podge of musicians and singers notably Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, Dr. John, the horn section from Preservation Jazzhall Band and the drummer from My Morning Jacket. Performing old school Dr. John jams and some Bayou standers, it was a massive output of sounds with a very strong New Orleans flavor. Packed in tight, it felt like we were grooving on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. A once in a lifetime performance I will never forget.
Summer is in full swing and with it the music festival circuit. Despite your personal feelings about hippies, camping and drug use you have to admit that you’re at least a little bit curious. Hate if you want but we all like to hear stories about ‘The Roo’  and such, but who wants the aggravation... Read more »

Top 5 Most Overrated Parties

Consider this list the antithesis of the opening party in Jason van der Beek’s greatest piece of work: Rules of Attraction.   This Animal House meets Requiem for a Dream dark comedy about college life features one of the greatest college party themes ever:  “Dress to Get Screwed Party.”   This list contains the worst, most overrated... Read more »