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19 Halloween Costumes That are Ebola Puns

19 Halloween Costumes That  are Ebola Puns
After reading this Mashable list of punny Halloween costumes, I was inspired to think of a few more relating to Ebola. My thinking is that everyone will recognize the ubiquitous microscopic picture of the Ebola virus (shown above), so if you can craft that out of yarn, string, ribbon a shoelace, stuffed panty hose, etc.... Read more »

The 5 Least Ladylike Women in Songs: Theme Week Day 4

The 5 Least Ladylike Women in Songs: Theme Week Day 4
There is more about this list that is NSFW than there is that is SFW, so you have been warned.   These lewd, crass, vulgar and crude songs represent the worst in women in songs. Where my previous lists about Women in Songs dealt with tragic, sexy and virtuous women, this list identifies women more... Read more »

The 6 Women in Songs Who are the Best Marriage Material: Day 3 of Women in Songs Theme Week

<strong>6. Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond</strong><br><br>Sweet Caroline got the nod at #6 because the good times never seemed so good; any time a woman can bring you to your highest highs, you have to think about wife'ing her up. <br><br> With such  high praise, I knew they'd make a happy couple but then when Neil sang that his nights don't seem so lonely and that, "We fill it up with only two", I knew their relationship was going to last .
Day One: Tragic Figures Day Two: 10 Sexiest Women in Songs Today I’m tackling the subject of which women from songs who would make the best wife.

The 10 Sexiest Women in Songs: Women in Songs Theme Week Day 2

<strong>10. Mary Jane from Mary Jane's Last Dance by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers</strong><br><br> Being from Indiana, I am biased to her growing up in Indiana town with some Indiana boys on an Indiana night. But what's objectively awesome writing is that, "She moved down here at the age of 18, she blew the boys was more than they'd seen".<br><br><iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Women in Songs Theme Week Day 1: Tragic Women This is pretty straight-forward so feel free to stop reading this part and get right to the 10 sexiest women in songs. If, however, you’d like a long-winded version of my criteria for this list, you can keep reading. These lists are about women mentioned in... Read more »

Women in Songs Theme Week: Tragic Figures

Women in Songs Theme Week: Tragic Figures
Today Lists That Actually Matter is kicking off another Theme Week  and this theme is Women in Songs. With today’s list being Tragic Figures. I decided not to rank these because I didn’t want anyone to feel like a loser here since they are already tragic enough, I didn’t want to heap-on to their burdens.... Read more »

Things Your Annoying Friends can do or Appreciate on a Deeper Level Than You

<strong>Sports</strong><br><br> Like most men, I enjoy talking about sports. But everyone has that one (or more) friend who speaks with a ridiculous amount of authority on the topic. Among their go-to moves:
- When you complain about your team's poor performance, they correct you about what their problem REALLY is. <br><br>
- When a problem is identified they assert they've been saying that for a while, and imply that they clearly see things the coach doesn't and they would make a better coach. <br><br>
-Argue vigorously in un-proveable hypotheticals, usually with a historical backdrop.  Would Sandy Koufax's fastball be effective in this era? Would Wilt Chamberlain be as dominant in today's NBA? Would the Steeler's Steel Curtain defense contain Joe Montana's offense in it's heyday? Only your friend can say for sure, and it's certainly worth debating because we may one day find out once and for all. <br><br> Ok, no it's not worth debating because it's impossible to ever ascertain the answer.
Some topics bring out the most annoying traits in people. For instance, if you were on an airplane and could select which topic NOT to discuss with the stranger sitting next to you and your choices were: Monkeys, sandwiches, politics, or movies; I bet most people would opt to omit politics from the discussion. While... Read more »

How to run Your own NFL True Crime Fantasy League

How to run Your own NFL True Crime Fantasy League
Everyone is in a conventional fantasy football league. This is a chance to start something similar, yet different. Here is how to run your own NFL true crime fantasy league where you score points by the legal improprieties of NFL players. Before I set it up I’d like to note that this league is an... Read more »

How to fail at music festivals (10 Things I Hate about You)

How to fail at music festivals (10 Things I Hate about You)
Cool recommended lists of expensive and generally poser outfits, internet.  Also, for teaching youngs how to act.  Thanks for the super advanced list of buzzwords to know when you’re standing at Kaskade pretending to know the words, realizing you don’t, and awkwardly just waiting for the drop with the basshead next to you… now you can say... Read more »

12 Media Personalities who Shout Instead of Talk

<strong>Ed Schultz</strong><br><br>A lot of people say that his show is unwatchable, but I disagree. However, I will concede that's un-listenable. You could mute his show in a nursing home auditorium and the residents in the back row would plug their ears.
Some television personalities are referred to as talking heads. These are more like shouting heads. You may not recognize all of their names or faces, but I know you’ve heard them. Either on your television set or radio, or on the television set or radio of someone within 800 yards of you.

Overly Botox'd Celebrities Crying: A Photo Gallery That may Make you cry....With Laughter

Admittedly, I don’t understand why people get botox, but I think it’s because they feel it makes them look more attractive.  So let’s look for signs of attractiveness in this photo gallery, and if we can’t find any, we will have to conclude that botox is stupid and counter-productive. In the meantime, please enjoy this... Read more »