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30 Depressing Things About Turning 30

30 Depressing Things About Turning 30
A few years back our other writer (or “blogger” if you want to be a dick about it), T.R. Slyder, wrote a funny and great piece about the 30 good things about turning 30.  It’s uplifting, funny and a good read.  I suggest you read it immediately after this list makes you hate growing old… or just go read... Read more »

Happy Anniversary, Kup League Champion ChicagoNow Dirt Angels

Curtis is good enough to lead off for the Kup winning team, and he's good enough to lead off my list with his Jordan-after-his-first-title pose. <br><br>

Game 1 vs. Chicago Reader <br><br>

My lead off song is I'm Going In by Lil Wayne and Drake. After starting off well at the plate and fielding a not bad shortstop, I liked my performance so far and my team's  chances and felt confident we were going in. <br>

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It was a exactly a week ago that we won the Kup, so I decided to chronicle our playoff run in song like I did when ChicagoNow won the 2012 AAJA Trivia Bowl. I feel like a rapper starting a mixtape with “this aint a diss track”.  For the record: this article is just for... Read more »

Five Ways NPR Can Survive Without Government Funding

Five Ways NPR Can Survive Without Government Funding
Fellow boring white people, assemble! NPR is in danger of losing its government funding. Whether you’re all for that or totally against it, there’s one thing we can all agree on: enchiladas is tasty. Now that we’ve established some common ground, let’s try to find a way for listeners like you and me to make... Read more »