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11 Things Republicans Love the Most

11. Israel <br><br> Republicans LOVE them some Israel. They aren't sure why, since Republicans trust only fellow Christians. But they know that whoever writes their talking points likes Israel for some reason, so they fall in line.
Republicans get a bad rap in the mainstream media. They are branded as “The Party of No”, or the bigoted party, or the party of out of touch old white guys who look out for their best interests. But they are so much more than just a party of negative people. Here is a list... Read more »

How to run Your own NFL True Crime Fantasy League

How to run Your own NFL True Crime Fantasy League
Everyone is in a conventional fantasy football league. This is a chance to start something similar, yet different. Here is how to run your own NFL true crime fantasy league where you score points by the legal improprieties of NFL players. Before I set it up I’d like to note that this league is an... Read more »

12 Media Personalities who Shout Instead of Talk

<strong>Ed Schultz</strong><br><br>A lot of people say that his show is unwatchable, but I disagree. However, I will concede that's un-listenable. You could mute his show in a nursing home auditorium and the residents in the back row would plug their ears.
Some television personalities are referred to as talking heads. These are more like shouting heads. You may not recognize all of their names or faces, but I know you’ve heard them. Either on your television set or radio, or on the television set or radio of someone within 800 yards of you.

6 Reasons Conservatives are Hypocrites to NOT Support Ferguson Protests

Conservatives Love The Constitution <br><br> Some conservative pundits assert that the Constitution was written by  their God, one tea party candidate painted a likeness of the Constitution on the side of her campaign bus, and several others state that the president is, "shredding the constitution", when they disagree with his policies. So it stands to reason they take enforcing the laws and freedoms in it very seriously.

<br><br> With that in mind, the First Amendment to the Constitution states: <br><br>
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.". <br><br>  What the Ferguson protestors are doing is exactly what democracy looks like in action as guaranteed by the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Inexplicably, a majority of conservatives oppose the protests in Ferguson.<br><br>For a conservative to oppose such activities would be like if someone claimed to be the biggest Shakespeare fan in the world, but then loudly opposed a local theater troupe staging a performance of Hamlet.
It’s unreasonable to expect others to agree with you about everything, all you can reasonably ask for is that the other person is consistent in their beliefs. Baseball is a great example of this. A manager doesn’t expect every ball or strike call by the umpire to go his way, he just wants the umpire... Read more »

7 Things You Never Read in Obituaries but Should

<strong>"He was pretty much an A-hole to everyone"</strong><br><br> This would accurately describe like 20 people I know but I'll still never read it in an obituary.
I bet you interact with at least 10 annoying people everyday. They might be outright rude, or just inconsiderate. Maybe they’re painfully bad at their job and it grates on you. It’s possible a nearby service worker always gives you the same trite answer they think is so clever when you ask how they are... Read more »

7 Most Worthless Questions Heard on Sports News Shows

  <strong>Will They Become a Dynasty? Are They Already a Dynasty?</strong><br><br> This question is asked after every sports championship concludes and is a very effective time waster. My biggest problem (among many) with this is that no one has defined "Dynasty" and most agree that the definition of a dynasty changes between eras. <br><br> I love watching world class athletes compete in sports. What I don't care about is fat sports talk guys who wear khaki pants and black silk shirts with brown sandals, argue about where they feel one team ranks among every other team in history, dating back to 1962.  <br><br>That is VERY far removed from why most people enjoy sports
There is a lot of demand for sports news but there isn’t quite as much demand for sports talk, although it is in copious supply. Every sports fan wants to hear the latest news about their favorite teams, players, rivals, etc.  But what they don’t all need is to listen to four dudes giving their... Read more »

6 Web Headline Teasers That Don't Work on me

<strong>This WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!!!</strong><br><br>Predicting that you can blow my mind implies that you know a lot about me. <br><br>But when web headlines promise to blow my mind with 11 facts about asparagus, it implies they don't know me because I don't like trite web headlines.
If a newspaper headline can be imagined as something read aloud by Walter Cronkite to a captive audience, then a web headline could be  analogous to something yelled out by a  carnival barker; an enticing-yet-veiled promise for all at the carnival to come have a closer look. Then by the time you have a closer... Read more »

A Re-Crap of Jay Cutler's Career With the Chicago Bears

A Re-Crap of Jay Cutler's Career With the Chicago Bears
During his tenure with the Chicago Bears Jay Cutler faced adversity, sucked it up, and emerged as a multiple Super Bowl winning quarterback. After five historically important seasons, Cutler led the Bears to three Super Bowl appearances, in two Super Bowls he set records for touchdowns thrown and passing yards. And of course he set other... Read more »

A Mentally ill Man Shoots up a crowd at a DC Navy Yard and CBS News' Scott Pelley says it is NOT Terrorism

A Mentally ill Man Shoots up a crowd at a DC Navy Yard and CBS News' Scott Pelley says it is NOT Terrorism
A mentally ill, former military man murders a dozen indiscriminately in public *Yawn* This is America, after all. Could you reasonably have expected otherwise? Yesterday I was watching my local CBS 5pm news when I saw the anchor Scott Pelley give a 20-second teaser for what to expect on tonight’s broadcast. Pelley soberly reported the... Read more »

11 Things I Want to see Invented/Made That We Already Have the Technology for

Waiter Call Button at Restaurants <br><br> Airplanes have them for flight attendants, so why don't restaurants have them for waiters? If waiters came only when they were called, wouldn't that be more efficient for everybody?
The title is pretty self-explanatory. All of us come up with ideas for things, “they oughta make”, and this is mine. It’s my first time doing a list like this so some ideas are gonna be more awesome than others, but I’d say they range from “Pretty awesome”, to, “Objectively the best idea possible”.