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10 Best Baseball Seasons by a Player With a Jheri Curl

But before we get to the list, I had to present the Lifetime Achievement Award in the Medium of the Jheri Curl to Pascual Perez. The man has earned it. Thanks for you all you did, Pascual. <br><br> Ok, now on to the list.
Jheri! Jheri! Jheri! The rule for inclusion on this list is pretty easy: The player must have had a Jheri curl for most of that season as far as I could tell. To make this list a player needed to be in both his baseball prime and his plumage prime from about 1986-1989, when baseball... Read more »

The 26 Most Glorious Firework Names

The 26 Most Glorious Firework Names
I recently went to Phantom Fireworks in Merrillville, Indiana to buy some fireworks and became an instant fan of their firework naming team. Even though that store has well over 79 million(* by my estimation) different kinds of fireworks, all the names were pretty amusing. A friend put me in touch with Phantom CEO, Bruce... Read more »

Catfish'd: 6 Other Fish-Named Dating Pitfalls Manti Te'o Wouldn't Much Prefer

Seabass <br> <br> Because no one ever said, "I thought I was dating a pretty young Stanford grad, but it tuned out I was dating a violent and scruffy Dumb and Dumber character played by Cam Neely. And ya know what? I'm actually  glad I got Seabass'd!"
Did you hear Manti Te’o got Catfish’d??!!! Since I just learned what the verb “Catfish’d” means, I’m going out of my way to use it in every sentence so people know darn well that I am very familiar with the word. It’s similar to what four year-olds do when they learn a new word, but... Read more »

25 Best Baseball Mullets

25 Best Baseball Mullets
You might look at these 25 men and think that they’re all business. But a simple swing around to the back and you’ll see that they like to party, too. Having already talked about some of the finest facial hair in the business a few weeks back, it would be negligent for us to ignore... Read more »