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11 Creepiest Celebrity Dudes

11. Wilmer Valderrama <br><br> The celebrity gossip site, is famous for it's Celebrity Blind Items. Every so often the blogger will reveal the identities of the people in the blind items. In my years reading that site I've discovered a lot of creeps, but two creepers tower over all the rest in their creepitude. Wilmer is one of them, and the other appears at #2 on the list. <br><br> <a href="">Here is a link to every blind item reveal ever on that site</a>. If you like scandalous celebrity gossip, I guarantee this link will entertain you for at least two hours.
Political philosophers love to pose the question, “Who watches the watchers?” Frankly, That’s a really good question and I have no idea. But what I do know is that we at Lists That Actually Matter do the exact opposite. We creep the creepers.

15 Best Black Characters Ever of TV and Cinema

15 Best Black Characters Ever of TV and Cinema
It’s Black History Month and us writers at Lists That Actually Matter know our black history. We know that our nation’s treatment of black people is not always comfortable to discuss at work, and large parts of it are regrettable and leave us shaking our head.  So if I want my list to accurately portray... Read more »

Christopher Dorner Celebrity Love Child Investigation

This is the official military photograph of Christopher Dorner.
Platypuses, The Bermuda Triangle and The Taos Hum serve to remind us that we humans do not have all the answers.  Some people find such mysteries to be a fun curiosity, while others view them as an affront to mankind’s empirical knowledge. Being that I am a bit of an arm-chair celebrity geneticist (successful instances here and here),... Read more »