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Things Your Annoying Friends can do or Appreciate on a Deeper Level Than You

<strong>Sports</strong><br><br> Like most men, I enjoy talking about sports. But everyone has that one (or more) friend who speaks with a ridiculous amount of authority on the topic. Among their go-to moves:
- When you complain about your team's poor performance, they correct you about what their problem REALLY is. <br><br>
- When a problem is identified they assert they've been saying that for a while, and imply that they clearly see things the coach doesn't and they would make a better coach. <br><br>
-Argue vigorously in un-proveable hypotheticals, usually with a historical backdrop.  Would Sandy Koufax's fastball be effective in this era? Would Wilt Chamberlain be as dominant in today's NBA? Would the Steeler's Steel Curtain defense contain Joe Montana's offense in it's heyday? Only your friend can say for sure, and it's certainly worth debating because we may one day find out once and for all. <br><br> Ok, no it's not worth debating because it's impossible to ever ascertain the answer.
Some topics bring out the most annoying traits in people. For instance, if you were on an airplane and could select which topic NOT to discuss with the stranger sitting next to you and your choices were: Monkeys, sandwiches, politics, or movies; I bet most people would opt to omit politics from the discussion. While... Read more »

12 Common Events Annoying People Put on Social Media Every. Single. Time

12 Common Events Annoying People Put on Social Media Every. Single. Time
In real life the Golden Rule is, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  But on social media the golden rule appears to be, “Show others whatever you want,  even if it’s the kind stuff that annoys you when other people post it. Screw them, this is about me!” Here are... Read more »

11 Creepiest Celebrity Dudes

11. Wilmer Valderrama <br><br> The celebrity gossip site, is famous for it's Celebrity Blind Items. Every so often the blogger will reveal the identities of the people in the blind items. In my years reading that site I've discovered a lot of creeps, but two creepers tower over all the rest in their creepitude. Wilmer is one of them, and the other appears at #2 on the list. <br><br> <a href="">Here is a link to every blind item reveal ever on that site</a>. If you like scandalous celebrity gossip, I guarantee this link will entertain you for at least two hours.
Political philosophers love to pose the question, “Who watches the watchers?” Frankly, That’s a really good question and I have no idea. But what I do know is that we at Lists That Actually Matter do the exact opposite. We creep the creepers.

12 Things That Have Never Been Said About Social Media

12 Things That Have Never Been Said About Social Media
1. I wish my friends would upload more pics of their food; I’m constantly wondering what it is they’re eating. 2. There is no doubt in my mind that YouTube commenter was popular in middle school. 3. What do you mean you “Opted out” of Facebook’s graph search? Why? 4. The best Tweets are vague... Read more »

7 Ways Smartphones and the Web F*%k up Your Brain

7 Ways Smartphones and the Web F*%k up Your Brain
1. The Concept of my Attention Span Seems a Distant Memory Having a smartphone and being on Twitter can give you the attention span of a toddler experiencing meth withdrawal. No longer is it good enough to wait indefinitely for an elevator or  sit through a commercial break. Oh, God no.   Instead of suffering... Read more »

The 9 Most Annoying People on Facebook

The 9 Most Annoying People on Facebook
“Like” us on Facebook In November, Lists That Actually Matter’s very own DanTello was kind enough to post  Top 9 Annoying Things People do on Facebook.  Whereas DanTello hates the sins of Facebook, I hate the sinners.  Lemme at ‘em.   1. Oversharers  We all know a lot of Facebook over-sharers; they’re the weeds in... Read more »

Top Snowverdramatic Reactions to The Blizzard of 2011

People getting really excited about the blizzard. I mean REALLY excited. OMG, I have been wanting a snow day for forever!!! So :)!!! Side prediction - The Blizzard Baby Boom is offset by the Post-Snowpocalypse Suicide Skyrocket.
Well the peak of the great Blizzard of 2011 is over. Chicagoans will now have to attempt to head back to the real world (like their jobs) and not spend all day on Twitter, Facebook and Craigslist Casual Encounters talking about how badass, awful, fun, scary the snow storm was. Let us look back at... Read more »

Top Cameos in a Movie, Pre-2000

Chamberlain slept with 40k women, Arnold slept with a needle in his butt. Wilt is a true player!
All of these are pre-2000 since it seems like there are so many cameos in current films. Back in my day cameos were an art form. I know you all got other good ones, so post them in the comments section.

Top 5 Comedies That Give Real Comedy a Bad Rep

Somewhere between Heathers and Baby Mamma women are still trying to figure out their place in the comedy film world and deserve more credit than given. And I blame that on the release of and any and all publicity given to Just My Luck with Lindsay Lohan
You won’t see too many comedy films at the Golden Globes or the Oscars. Here are five reasons why.

8 Reasons I am not on Facebook

The Facebook Venn Diagram<br><br>All of the biggest conformists I know are on Facebook (as well as plenty of non-conformists too, admittedly). However, a lot of my least conforming friends, who are the deepest thinkesr, are NOT on Facebook. Same with ingelligence- all the stupid people I know are on Facebook, and that isn't true of all the smartest people I know. Maybe it's not that great.
I feel like I have this conversation increasingly often. I figured I would just write it down and send people the link now instead. All my fellow non-Facebook users are invited to do the same.