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My Adventures Creeping the 'tute

My Adventures Creeping the 'tute
Creeping the ‘tute (v),  To peruse the art at the Art Institute of Chicago with the vigor, rapt and enjoyment of a voyeur, and possibly join in on the art itself.  Eventually merely posing next to my favorite work of art wasn’t enough for my photo opportunities at the Art Institute of Chicago. For a... Read more »

Top 5 "Top _" Lists From Around the Web

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6 Most Surprising Signs at Egyptian Protests

Academy of Dutch Political Cartoonists<br><br>Carrying that sign around there takes some gall.
Whoever this guy is, 1) He has some serious courage, and 2) He has a lot of different signs. I like to try to keep an ear to the streets, so let’s see what the people with the feet on the ground are saying.