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6 Web Headline Teasers That Don't Work on me

<strong>This WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!!!</strong><br><br>Predicting that you can blow my mind implies that you know a lot about me. <br><br>But when web headlines promise to blow my mind with 11 facts about asparagus, it implies they don't know me because I don't like trite web headlines.
If a newspaper headline can be imagined as something read aloud by Walter Cronkite to a captive audience, then a web headline could be  analogous to something yelled out by a  carnival barker; an enticing-yet-veiled promise for all at the carnival to come have a closer look. Then by the time you have a closer... Read more »

My Adventures Creeping the 'tute

My Adventures Creeping the 'tute
Creeping the ‘tute (v),  To peruse the art at the Art Institute of Chicago with the vigor, rapt and enjoyment of a voyeur, and possibly join in on the art itself.  Eventually merely posing next to my favorite work of art wasn’t enough for my photo opportunities at the Art Institute of Chicago. For a... Read more »

12 Best Parts of my Trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo

I recently walked to the Lincoln Park Zoo and here is the awesome that befell me.   1. Pleasant  Surrounding Views You see plenty of views of the Hancock Tower, but not this one very often. The gardens south of the Arboretum are gorgeously maintained. 2. Lincoln Park Residents Flushing Expired Viagra has Affected the... Read more »