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5 Worst Bands With an Actor as Lead Singer (and One Awesome one)

5 Worst Bands With an Actor as Lead Singer (and One Awesome one)
By now you’ve probably seen the Jim Carrey Funny or Die video called, “Cold Dead Hand”. In it, he sings lead for Lonesome Earl and the Clutterbusters (actually the band The Eels). After I finished laughing and repeating the chorus, I was surprised that a band whose lead singer was an actor could actually be... Read more »

Top 5 "Top _" Lists From Around the Web

We aren’t the only Jennies on the block singing this tune.  Check out some of our other favorites from around the web. 

Top 5 Immediate Reactions to the new Radiohead album: "The King of Limbs"

In accordance with its title, this song is deviously wild.  Chant-samples, trancey drum machines, beastly noice excerpts; holy sex.  It's almost tribal in its natural state, but luckily when you listen to it it won't run away scared.  I think it stares and listens back at you... or even grinds on you.  Don't be scared.
Ok, people, I said immediate and I mean it; these reactions are instinctive and primitive. Thanks to L.A. radio station KROQ, I have been listening to the full album all day via the free stream on Pitchfork, and I gotta say I like it.  Normally the first to criticize anything the first time through, leave it... Read more »